Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Started Chemo Yesterday.

I started Chemo yesterday, again. I will get 2 hour infusions Mon-Wed-Fri of this week. This is my first treatment at SCCA. It has been going smooth there. I have not experienced any side effect except feeling very tired today. Most side effects would be more apparent next week. My parents are staying with us on and off to help as my caregivers and get familiar with SCCA before my anticipated bone marrow transplant. This is a huge help to us. Toshiko has her hands full with Tyler (he will be 3 in Sept).


  1. From Bob Sprouse: Hey--You look Great! Your family looks great! We think about you all the time, and I am sure you will beat the cancer, and you will be skiing next year! Much Aloha again to you and your family!

  2. Hey, Eric! Just checking in on you to make sure you're okay--Keep the toes crossed--Talk to you soon!
    Much Love, Bob Sprouse & Janet Swenson