Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 49 since transplant.

Today is the 49th day since my transplant date. So tomorrow I will be halfway to the 100-day mark which is when I am scheduled to be released from the transplant team and go back to general oncology doctor . That is also the time I am schedule to go back home. Although the doctors may possible let me return earlier. For now, they still say I am too vulernable to infection to return home full time. I have been have more frequent afternoon visits home though and it has been so nice spending time with Toshiko & Tyler as I feel better.

Yesterday I had another spinal tap which went smooth - only 2 more to go! I am still having some GVHD issues with skin rashes. They are trying to get it controlled with topical steroids and photo therapy (like a suntan bed). This, in hopes that they can start tapering me off the Steroids pills which I have been taking for more than two weeks. These pills are effective, but dangerous as they are making my platelets drop and also greatly increase infection risk. There are other long term side effects possible also, so they want to start tapering soon. I am still feeling better with each day and feeling closer to "normal" every day.


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  1. Very Good Eric! Great to hear! Yep, those steriods are pretty intense---Anyways, getting close to when we can take you out to dinner soon!
    Can't wait! Much Aloha to you and your family,
    Bob Sprouse & Janet Swenson