Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing much better.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. About 2 weeks ago I finally started having signs of improvement from the stomach virus. I am now back to eating normally and getting daily light exercise. Although I still get tired rather easy. I am down to just about 1-hour daily IV support now. The doctors have also started reducing my Prednisone steroid doses and stopped one other anti-rejection drug (MMF). IF things continue to go smoothly, I'll be off Prednisone in 12 days. This will be a big step as it has been the main drug for the past 4 months that suppresses my immune system (plus various other side effects). I am also on track to finally depart from the transplant team within the next week or two. Then, it will back to my regular oncologist and I should only have to go for a check up once every week or two. I imagine they will be pulling my central line out of my chest here pretty soon also. So, just crossing my fingers the next couple of weeks continue to go smooth. Thanks again to everyone for all of your support and help.

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