Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday I got an unexpected fever around 4:00 pm. I took Tylenol and it was fine 'till about 10:00 pm. Then, it came back.. I felt fine, just had the chills a bit. So, just to be safe, I called the doctor. She said it would be best to double-check my blood counts since it hasn't been done since Tuesday. So, I went to the hospital and had it checked. The counts were ok. So, the Doctor concluded to go home and take Tylenol again. I got back home around 12:30, took Tylenol, and went to sleep. Woke up this morning without a fever and feel fine but have been tired today. This could affect starting Chemo again tomorrow, but my guess is we'll still go ahead with it. The probable cause was I had a lot of activity on Friday. On Friday, we had a real nice visit with everyone at my company and Tyler had a lot of fun! It was great to see everyone. Then, we went to some friends house and I played (very lightly!) some racquetball for about 30 minutes. I was careful not to overdue it and the doctor says I should be doing some light excercise when I can. Then, we had a nice dinner. All of that was the most activity I have had in one day for quite a while. I think the fever was just a reaction to me getting a little excercise. Anyway, I feel fine today and I still anticipating starting Chemo tomorrow.


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  1. Good you had it checked. I imagine it felt great to do some normal-life stuff!