Sunday, June 13, 2010

Round 6 completed.

I finished round 6 this past week (with the exception of receiving more chemo shots next Friday, but only a small amount). It went smooth. I got out of the Hospital on Wednesday and went to the clinic on Thursday and Friday for blood tests and inter-muscular injections of Chemo. I have been very, very fortunate to have not received any major side effects so far from this round. Just been a little tired. There is still a chance I could feel bad or get sick this week but I don't think so because they withheld one of the more potent Chemo medicines and replaced it with an increased dose of another. The doctor said it is also because it went into this round strong and with long break since the last chemo. So, it feels good to feel good! Let's hope this week is the same. Thank you very much to everyone for all of the visits, calls, e-mails, and support. I feel like that is a huge help also.


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  1. Glade to hear you're doing better! Always thinking about you Eric! When you get a chance, please email photos of your family to Aloha to you and your family Always, Bob Sprouse & Janet