Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enjoying the weekend.

This past week was quite busy at the Clinic. I was there just about all day, every day. Lot's of tests, procedures, and appointments with doctors. It will be the same thing this week. However, after a morning blood transfusion yesterday, I have the rest of this 3-day weekend off. I have been sleeping a lot though (I think as a result of the spinal tap with chemo on Friday). This morning I went over to Bremerton and had a nice time visiting with everyone there. My sister, brother, their families, and friends over there are having a huge garage sale to raise money to contribute to my fund ( They have been a great help and the garage sale is quite a success! Thanks everyone!

The current schedule still has me on track to start Radiation on Sept 18th. I'll then be admitted to the hospital on Sept 21st for 2 days of Chemo. Then, the actual transplant will be on Sept 24th.

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