Sunday, September 12, 2010

Transpant day is fast approaching.

After all the tests and procedures last week, we are still on track to start the transplant this Saturday, the 18th. I guess they haven't found anything wrong with me (except the residual Leukemia in my bone marrow, of course). Last week, Toshiko and I also had a lot of teaching at the clinic for food safety and home care since there will be several months after the transplant of being careful not to get infections or bacteria while my new immune system is developing. This week there will be some procedures, training, and doctor meetings. I'll have dental cleaning, another spinal tap, a simulation of TBI (Total body irradiation), and sign final consent forms with the Doctors. Most of the tests are now done. My parents are coming over on the 18th also. They will be also be going to the home care classes next week as I will be staying with them in the condo near the hospital when I get out.

We had an early birthday party for Tyler this evening (he'll be 3 on Sept 26th). Just the 3 of us went to a nice Japanese restaurant where they all sang happy birthday to Tyler and brought him some nice ice cream with a candle. He really enjoyed it. We also bought him a little Guitar - he seems to really like guitars.


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  1. Our prayers for you always Eric--from Bob Sprouse & Janet----Happy Early Birthday to Tyler, too! Much Love----