Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I am feeling better each day. I had a nice day. After my appointments at the clinic, I had several visitors. It was great to see and talk with everyone. I couldn't do this without all of the loving support I have from so many family and friends. My parents have been especially great - basically waiting on me hand and foot all day. I am still feeling quite weak and moving slow, but my blood count are all moving up quite well every day and this makes me feel better each day. Next, I have appointments for tests and procedures every day this week starting tomorrow. Things are going good.


  1. You have been truly blessed with great parents! Please tell them I said hello, and give them big hugs from me.

  2. Happy Birthday,I'm late but still it sounds like each day gets better for you, a cause for happiness. We continue to pray for you daily, for strength to complete your healing.