Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day-80 bone marrow test clear. No Cancer.

The day-80 post-transplant bone marrow test came back clear today. Complete remission. This is the last bone marrow test the transplant team will do. The next bone marrow test will be sometime during the next year when I go back to my regular Oncologist.

I still have skin rash issues as a result of GVHD but it seems to be getting better with the steroids. So, we are going to try tapering the steroids again and see how I respond. I had a Long-term-follow-up training course today in preparation to depart the transplant team. It was quite informative. I learned that GVHD could be quite possibly be hanging around for a year or so and also I really need to be cautious for basically 1 year as I am still on immunosuppresant drugs. Also, my new immune system is still quite young. They have lot's of rules, and do's & don't's. I'll be getting all new immunizations at the one year mark (next Sept) also.

I have reached a milestone this week. I could not have done this without all the incredible outpouring of love and support from my loving Family, Friends, Doctors, Nurses and one very special donor. It is simply amazing how many people have come together to cure me. Words cannot express how grateful I truly am.


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  1. What wonderful news for everyone following you on your blog but most especially for you Eric. I continue to pray that you regain your strength fast, I'm sure it's good just to be home again. Enjoyed all the pictures on skis!
    Eleanor Fairman