Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still here in the Hosptial - feel fine (normal).

Still here in the hospital. Feels more like jail since I am not allowed to go out of my room because they don't want this virus to spread. It's a bit frustrating because they say it's a serious virus, yet they still don't have any test result back from last Thursday's test to determine if I still have the virus or not! Normally, the result should come back the next day but the weekend and the holidays have delayed things. They are still doing the 2-hr treatment every 8 hrs so it is good that I am staying healthy with this treatment. My only symptom is a runny nose. I am exercising daily and eating lots and skyping with Toshiko and Tyler. They said the longest I would be here is 10 days. Hopefully I can get out a day early and be home for new years.


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