Saturday, January 2, 2010

I feel fine today.

This morning I went in for 8:00 am blood draws vital sign checks. There is still not much change to my blood cell counts. So, I didn't need a blood transfusion today. Basically we are still waiting for my white cell counts to come back up and then they will know more. This takes time - could be tomorrow, could be another week. Because I am doing fine and the counts are about the same, the Dr. decided to skip tomorrow's blood draw and do it on Monday at my 11:00 am appointment. So, I am still neutropenic 'till the white cells come back. This means I am extremely vulnerable to receiving any infection. So, I am kinda quarantined at home where Toshiko & I have set up a routines for keeping everything sanitized and I am basically staying downstairs most of the time while Toshiko & Tyler stay upstairs. Oh - and the hair starting coming out this morning so I had Toshiko shave it all off - so you can all start the bald jokes now. Not that I much hair left to begin with anyway!



  1. Good thing you have those terrific hats!

  2. Just remember: when God made men, he made some fantastic lovers, and to the rest he gave hair! One of my Dad's favorite lines.

  3. Happy New Year, Eric! Just think about all the shampoo you will save...what, a teaspoon a year?
    And how much faster you'll be windsurfing, skiing. Hair is over-rated anyway...all those nats and bugs and stuff.
    Best wishes!